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Completely distracted, as I watched her wiggle her toenails as if giving me a subtle wave, I said, "Um, yeah, just distracted.

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Thursday I only saw her in passing, in a black skirt and black pantyhose.

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I had fucked a mom and a daughter separately, but never together, my biggest fantasy not yet fulfilled.

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A couple minutes of silence and she suddenly asked, "Do you mind if I take the boots off, it's too warm in here.

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She pulled her boot off and asked, "Why are you single then?

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Big, and was back in my car before she was done with her washroom break.

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Yet, Front seat fuck, not wanting to let that go unanswered in case she was flirting okay she was definitely flirting, Front seat fuck in case it was more than flirting, she wouldn't be the first married women to hit on me I fucked my college coach's wife my entire senior year and have fucked more married women than women my ageI said, "Well, 'tis the season.

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She'd been my English teacher in this very high school eight years ago and I'd had a mammoth crush on her back then

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And, still like her mother, she had an affinity for slipping her feet in and out of her shoes

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Her daughter on the other hand, Front seat fuck, was in a plaid skirt similar to the one her mother had worn the day before, with similar mocha nylons, and as she wrote her Hamlet test, she slipped her feet out of her shoes and literally moved her feet up and down her legs all class

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