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Plus we got a lot in common, she's a stripper, i'ma freak.

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Workin' my piece and work the pole.

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I saw u in ya birthday suit, and baby it was fate.

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I'm in love with a stripper, I need to Stripper remix with twista lyrics some stripper counselin' Cuz I'm the first one in the front row when they make a stripper announcement I think I'm fallin' in love with the one with the most ass Thin, lil' bitty waist, I'ma go and buy that bitch a Volkswagen MJG, pimp tight, no mo' tippin' stop the bill If I come in here one mo' night I'm gon' need Dr.

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That's why i got luv for u, cuz u get out there and do what it do.

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Make me wanna grab it, i gotta habit, i gotta have it.

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T-Pain invited me to Magic City I'm about to have some fun 's In these pocket all my e-fizzles with me I like the way mama get up on the table I like the way she pour the honey in her naval I like it when she smack her fatty and open it up in front of me I wanna touch it but I ain't able The one leg she can shake at the top of the pole Look at the laffy taffy when she pop and she roll I wanna get her in the bed right after they close When I do a video you get the popular role In the V, Stripper remix with twista lyrics.

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