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People seemed to like the work well enough to buy it.

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But my background in that is so strong, it helped the photography a lot because I could make the imagery strong.

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Joe Weider was starting up in those days.

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I had to straddle what I like to do with what my audience wanted to see.

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Back then, my models were hookers.

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I know the first sessions we did were to allow him to make some money because he was getting married and he wanted to go on a honeymoon and get set up.

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If chaps, spurs and ten-gallon hats are your things, Cowboy Country with it's collection of seven short dude films ought to have you yelping Yee-Ha until the cowboys cum home.

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There was a model that I worked with from San Francisco, whose name was Alan Albert, and we started corresponding.

I do believe in gaydar, it is a very developed "six"sense that some gays are blessed with, almost like an evolutionary condition developed to recognize our own kind.

Everyone is unique.

His was done on an impressive estate in Montecito.

It was a very restrictive time.

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