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Charts of patients seen with VPP, treated and followed over a 6-year period —were obtained manually.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the response of these women and their husbands to an individualized, psychotherapeutic assessment and treatment to resolve this problem.

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It appears that they respond well to an individualized, structured treatment protocol as described by Hawten regardless of other risk factors associated with vaginismus.

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The criteria for diagnosing VPP is based on the behavioral description developed by an international multidisciplinary committee.

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A married for at least 1 month and sexually active Vagina penetration pepsi intimate sexual relations provided penetration is not attempted or anticipated with at least 2 failed trials of vaginal penetrative intercourse, and avoidance by the wife at the time of initial consultation.

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Structural or physical reasons should be ruled out.

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Final analysis was performed on Arab couples, who satisfied the inclusion criteria.


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Charts of patients seen with VPP, treated and followed over a 6-year period —were obtained manually.

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Penetrative intercourse was reported by the tolerance of these women; further pregnancy was achieved in

It is noteworthy that despite the penetrative fears reported by these women, they maintained enjoyment of all other aspects of sexual intimacy and reported orgasms.

In Arab countries and neighboring Muslim countries, where cultural norms are similar, VPP is the most common female sexual disorder, accounting for unconsummated marriage UCM.

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