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When Comedy Central started airing reruns of older episodes, Fat tities opening theme was back to the way it was during Season Threewith the addition of several recent characters.

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The lyrics were altered to fit the personality of the characters.

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In " Death ", the trumpet was quieted and the guitar was made louder.

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From the episode " Fourth Grade ", to " Kenny Fat tities ", a hip-hop version of the song was used, which was remixed by Paul Robb.

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In Season OneFat tities, the instrumental was originally constructed with a slightly quieter guitar and a more prominent trumpet.

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From Season Six up until mid- Season Tenas clips from numerous Fat tities played, the theme song showed animation director Eric Stough designing the boys with construction paper, Fat tities, an animation technique that was used for the very first episode, " Cartman Gets an Anal Probe ".

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In Season Threethe boys' vocals were changed; Kyle Broflovski 's voice stood Fat tities more in his and Stan 's lines, and Cartman 's voice was updated.

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Afterwards, they used a bluegrass remix of the song until mid- Season TenFat tities the original song was remixed with "Whamola" by Les Claypool and his group, The Frog Brigade, from their album, Purple Onion.

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The theme song plays after the show's satirical disclaimer is displayed on screen.

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When Comedy Central started airing reruns of older episodes, the opening theme was back to the way it was during Season ThreeFat tities, with the addition of several recent characters.

Dawn of the Posers ", a new theme song was made specifically for the episode.

For the rest of Season One until " Fourth Grade ", the instrumental with the prominent guitar was utilized.

From Season Seventeen and onwards, a 3D computer-animated version of the intro is used, Fat tities, and it consists of the bus driver driving past various South Park locations as the four main boys sing their Fat tities, resembling the Season One - Four intro in many respects, with the exception of the 3D animation and "Whamola" instrumental.

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