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Or, at least, naive.

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Bears were thought to be lustful creatures, obsessed with seeking carnal pleasure.

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The genre of stories I describe in this chapter are, therefore, quite unusual in their selection of animal protagonist.

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Kasandra Brabaw For some people, these toys are a stand-in for the innocence of our childhood, and simpler times.

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Stories about women being abducted by and having sex with bears or anthropoid creatures bearing close resemblance to bears have long circulated across the Himalayan region.

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On the whole, though, especially when compared with other animals such as monkeys or snakes, bears make relatively rare appearances in South Asian lore.

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When my brother pissed me off, Barry heard all about it.

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Or maybe they were all just liquored up and thought it would be hilarious to give it an award so that people would, for decades to come, gradually find out about the book and the award Sex with a bear have to dig deep into Canadian literary culture to try to make sense of it.

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Now, I know how this sounds.

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Engel was a respected author.

Canadian literature has a reputation for focusing, almost too much, on rural life and the struggle between humans and nature.

I take these tellings as attempts to imagine and enact alternate ways of dwelling and connecting in a world where one exists only in relation to a variety of human and nonhuman others.

Or, at least, naive.

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