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I've met enough of them to realize that blatant entitlement and fragile egos are par for the course.

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Like it means something is missing from their relationship and "why do you have to go outside to get it?

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It's not clear why Jess and Marie have two separate phone lines, but whatever.

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After the bookstore encounter and coffee, Harry gives a weak ass apology for his past behavior and brings the conversation back to the craziness of female friends.

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While screaming at each other in the kitchen, Harry says something truly unforgivable:

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As a young woman, I saw these men and their behavior represented in reality and on big and small screens.

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She goes to the party with some other dude while Harry walks around the city, sad and lonely.

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If Sally says Sheldon is a good lover, then to her, he's got the goods.

As Harry and Sally become legitimate friends, the movie improves slightly.

Promising her a reward, he knelt between spread her legs, and began to eat her pussy.

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