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How interior swinging door hinge works

Exterior Door Hinges

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Apply paint or stain to the jamb as needed to cover the bare spots where the stop was removed.

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They are often made of brass or another decorative metal, and are most often used on ornamental boxes or cabinets.

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Below are the different types of exterior door hinges that are available.

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Install a dummy knob for aesthetics if desired.

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Make marks at 7 inches on the side of the door opposite the knob.

Parts of a Door Hinge

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Interior Door Hinges Your home has more doors than the ones that grant you access to your home.

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Step Two - Mortise or Not?

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This type of hinge is often used for utility applications, such as doors on sheds or garages, although decorative hinges are also available.

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The spring action in the barrel hinge brings the door back to the center and closed position.

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Place scrap blocks underneath to brace it.

The double action hinge can go by many names because of the way it operates.

Entry doors see the most traffic so it only makes sense that the hinges face the most friction.

Other Types of Door Hinges There are many door hinge types available.

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Pivot Hinges A pivot hinge is often used for overlay cabinet doors or entertainment centers, in which one arm of the hinge is mounted on the inside frame of the door, the other on the inside surface of the cabinet.

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How interior swinging door hinge works