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In order to establish the first secondary school in the entire eastern region, Abuhadia, as a member of the delegation who met the General Commander of the Armed Forces, convinced him to turn the Egyptian army barracks into the Port Sudan Secondary School.

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The Beja are a group of nomadic tribes, who inhabited the mountains between the Red Sea, the Nile, and Atbara rivers in Eastern Sudan for about six thousand years1, where they have lived in isolation for most of their long history.

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Fortunately, the work I then did with Ahmed began to pay off.

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Multi-employer plans already exist, but are not used widely due to regulatory restrictions.

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There was no educational or social service facilitated in this country, unless he participated therein.

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Forty years on, a dignified modern life in Sudan remains but a dream with the political instability and economic deterioration caused by the conflicts raging in three different parts of Sudan, where women continue to bear the brunt.

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When we launched the first volume of the journal in Sudan, a man from the audience said to me:

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Both have been closely watching events Egypt with an eye to "What does this mean for me?

This urban novelty had a danceable rhythm and simple lyrics with romantic themes that illuminated the plight of Sudanese women in society.

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