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How long do male sperm last

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Since sperm with the male chromosome have a short lifespan, if couples want a boy, they should have intercourse as near to ovulation as possible.

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But another found hig-calcium diets are more likely to give you a girl.

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In this study of billionaires Bill Gates is at the topmen who inherited their money heirs were more likely to have sons than both self-made billionaires and the general population.

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How long do sperm live in a hot tub?

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Since then, the evidence has been mixedbut leans towards disputing any effect of timing on sex selection.

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The information will indicate when ovulation takes place so timing sex can be arranged.

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In the s, the idea that timing sex around ovulation can tip the odds in favour of a girl or a boy was popularised by Shettles and Rorvik in the best-selling book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby.

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Once inside the female reproductive tract, the sperm cells must swim through the cervix and into the uterus to reach the fallopian tubes and female egg.

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That can How long do male sperm last authoritative
How long do male sperm last