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Detect the presence of sperm

About this test

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You must however, before sending any sample, locate the stained area, cut out and package it to be sent off to the laboratory.

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Motile and nonmotile sperm was identified in 13 of the 70 patients

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Note that the turnaround time for this additional test is 13 working days.

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Does the stain actually contain semen?

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Pellet variability, that is the absence of sperm in 1 specimen and its presence in another from the same patient, was noted in 7 of the 17 men


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The results of a semen detection test Our semen detection test will offer one of the following results:

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About this test Think your partner might be cheating?

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Where centrifugation has been used to concentrate the few spermatozoa found in semen samples, different techniques have been used.

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Presumptive tests also have a chance of false positives and are thus only reliable when it comes to excluding the presence of semen.

The Samples for semen detection

The samples for semen detection We can test a vast range of samples for the presence of semen.

Obstructive azoospermia was defined as failed vasectomy reversal, failed reconstruction for congenital vasal or epididymal occlusion, or an acquired obstruction unrelated to ejaculatory duct obstruction.

This technique can be considered as a useful additional tool for biological matrix identification in forensic science and holds the promise of further automation.

Saliva and blood were characterized by the presence of alpha-amylase 1 and hemoglobin, respectively.

Nonobstructive azoospermia was defined as moderate to severe testicular atrophy with markedly elevated serum follicle-stimulating hormone greater than 3 times normalor a testicular biopsy that revealed maturational arrest, severe hypospermatogenesis or the Sertoli-cell-only pattern.

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