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Meanwhile, Plankton rampages around Atlantis with a tank he "borrowed" until he comes across the gang.

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The bus is powered by song, and the group starts to sing to get to Atlantis in which the bus crash lands along the way, forcing them to drive the bus around Atlantis to find the bus pieces and tool kits to fix the bus.

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Sandy challenges SpongeBob to chop 20 acorns in 35 seconds.

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The ship on the box art is very similar to the design of the ship in the episode " Shanghaied.

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SpongeBob crosses a desert with caves.

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The duo make their way through the cave, avoiding ghost pirates and searching for ladders to venture deeper, where they find the missing half of the Atlantean Amulet Patrick thinks it is related to SpongeBob's ancestors because of the word "antis" on it.

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