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Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language:

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To make it up, Akon recorded and produced the single, " Hypnotized " for Plies, being featured on it also.

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Since the version with Snoop Dogg already circulated unofficially in the mixtape scene, Akon replaced the single and album edit since Snoop Dogg was already a well-received name, as opposed to that of an up-and-coming, controversial artist.

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In response, Plies' entourage started to fire at the crowd, resulting in the injury of five people with non-life-threatening wounds.

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It was performed live at the American Music Awards.

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Background[ edit ] Rapper Plies was originally the performer on this song, but Akon replaced his verses with those of Snoop Dogg 's for commercial reasons.

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It was said that Plies was not the originator of the song and should have never recorded to that beat in the first place.

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