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Obviously, this is a time consuming task requiring considerable skill on the part of the artist in making the color separation overlay so Film strip font one or more color plates will register with the respective characters.

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A method of preparing a plurality of camera ready positive proof strips having printing registered type font characters and color separated components, comprising:

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The positive film character A, as a result of exposure to the light 48, remains visible on the band 36 to indicate the position of the previously exposed plate covered position of the character A on the paper strip 40 so that the film strip 10 may be manually shifted longitudinally, in either direction with respect to the Film strip font strip 40 and the opening 42, Film strip font, to position the next selected character of the film strip 10 in position for exposure through the opening 42, for example the letter N FIG.

The Art of Seducing a Reader

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One advantage of the dry transfer sheets is that the spacing Film strip font the characters, both linear and vertically with respect to a reference line, may be adjusted by the artist to achieve balance or a desired effect, however, Film strip font, if the characters are to be printed in color, it has heretofor been necessary, to obtain color registration, to manually cut or form overlay sheets of the supplemental component of each character to be printed in color.

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Register marks, at the respective ends of the words and the color plates, are used for registering the respective plates during final printing, such as illustrated in FIG.

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One example of forming registerable color separations of the characters of a type font is disclosed by U.

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Obviously the invention is susceptible to changes or alterations without defeating its practicability.

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It is also known to form a negative film strip of the characters of a type font, Film strip font, the characters being arranged linearly on an elongated strip of film or on an endless circular strip of film, such as disclosed by U.

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The two overlays 16 and 20, Film strip font, each containing the register marks 18 and 22, at least at the respective end thereof, registrable with the register marks 14 of the outline characters, are arranged in a common plane in superposed spaced parallel relation with respect to the base character strip

The reference numeral 10 indicates a combination negative and positive film strip formed according to the invention by Film strip font outline characters of a type font which have been modified to provide shade areas for each character to be printed in color.

The linear or circular strip of film may be used by either manually or by a photocomposing machine in successively exposing selected characters of the type font on photographic paper to obtain the desired message and subsequent photoengraving.

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