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Continued in a similar style to an earlier column in the magazine, Christopher Logue 's "True Stories".

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The author's pseudonym, "Dr B Ching", refers to Richard Beechingwhose report into the rail network led to widespread cuts to it in the s.

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Awdry's Railway Serieswritten by Incledon Clark and printed at the time of the debate over the privatisation of British Rail in

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The name was notably to be used by Auberon Waugh to describe fellow Spectator journalist George Galewith Waugh being sacked as a result.

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We have been watching them when we were kids for hours.

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Recurring in-jokes in Private Eye The magazine has a number of recurring in-jokes and convoluted references, often comprehensible only to those who have read the magazine for many years.

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Prime Minister parodies[ edit ] Main article:

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The larger key regular sections include:

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President Barack Obama inand "Electionballs" following any election.

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Prime Minister parodies[ edit ] Main article:

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