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He heaves himself off the antenna and grabs the gun.

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After being informed of the men's failure, Ward calls his father and claims that they have a problem that they need to discuss in person.

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While Danny dives for cover, Harold loudly claims that the last time he was on top of the building was together with Danny's father.

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At some point, they were approached by Madame Gao who proposed a partnership.

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He adds that if Ward wants to do something, he can check up Colleen Wing, the only person Danny called from the hospital.

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He claims that Ward has been the biggest disappointment of his life and apologizes to Joy for trusting Ward over her.

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Invading the building once again, Danny fights off the security guards sent to engage him until he eventually reaches the executive floor where he is informed by Alisha king penthouse son Ward that Harold Meachum has died of cancer during Danny's absence, twelve years ago.


She tells him that he has been a faithful servant and that for his part in securing the pier, he will be rewarded.

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Meanwhile, Joy, who has been released from the hospital, visits Harold at Rand Enterprises.

He asks Harold whether he has any last words and Harold speaks to Ward, Alisha king penthouse, claiming that he spent his entire life raising Ward to be a great man.

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